Ruggedized computer
Reinforced plate
Ruggedized computer
Automated industry
Industrial tablet
Network Communication
Expansion module
2U Rackmount Network Appliances
1U Rackmount Network Appliances
Intelligent Transportation
Embedded computer
self-service terminals
Embedded machine
All in one
Smart Healthcare
Intelligent Retailing



About Us

Ding Xing group was founded in 1990, is committed to computer and peripheral equipment R & D, production and sales of innovative high-tech enterprises. With the mission of revitalizing the national industry, the top star tries to build the core competitiveness of the national brand through independent research and development, independent innovation and perfect after-sales service system. After years of hard work, it has developed into a global enterprise based on ODM/ OEM, industrial computers and portable mobile devices.

Star Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2004. Products and services cover financial, POS, lottery, medical, network security, transportation, digital signage, security, education, electricity, industrial automation and many other industries. We will strive to provide quality products and services for the application of information in various industries.


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